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Smartflex sugarpaste is amazingly easy to work with!

Ever since I started using Smartflex all the usual frustration was gone! No mess, so veryyy stretchy, no elephant skin and what is most important to me--> it doesn't sweat! Yes, most of my cakes are very moist, full of freshly whipped cream and fruits. They need to stay refridgerated to keep freshness. Also when you work with super light cakes they can not be outside of the fridge for too long, so returning them to the fridge every 25-30 minutes is crucial. Now, imagine all that sweat and moist that usually covers your cake when removing them from the fridge... a nightmare!!! But there is a solution!!! Developed by the best in the sugarpaste industry, Smartflex will not be ruined by any temperature change. Works perfectly in those cold countries as well as in hot, humid conditions!

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