About Me

Hi! My name is Domi, and I am an award winning, self taught baking lady and cake designer.


Baking and cooking have always been my passion, hobby and a way of life. I believe that food is what makes us and influences every aspect of our lives.


Presentation is important but for me what is inside counts the most. I experiment a lot and create my own recipies but always make sure that ingredients used are sourced among the best available on the market.

My presentation has also been appreciated by the jury of the Cake International competition in Birmingham where I received a bronze award in Wedding Cake category.

Cake Design

Domi Cakes Art

2 Rydal Close

Holders Hill Road

London NW4 1LE

Cake Supplies

Domi Cakes Art Supplies Ltd

2 Rydal Close

Holders Hill Road

London NW4 1LE

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